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Learn to Play Guitar Chords

learn to play guitar
by Nesster

You need learn how to play, strum and fingerpick guitar chords software to correctly apply and understand chord extensions on the guitar fretboard. Chords are basis of your rhythm guitar work. This is the other side of the equation from your lead guitar work. To play lead guitar you need to understand rhythm guitar and to play rhythm guitar you need to understand lead guitar. They work together. Understanding guitar chords is more than just learning that chords are when two or more notes are played on adjacent guitar strings either at the same time or in quick order. And that chords are made up of three notes to make up a true chord which is the root, third and fifth tone of a scale.

Learning chords is more than some simply strumming and fingerpicking techniques. For example, playing open chords could land you a great and prosperous career with some great singing without the need for any further study.

But success and knowledge are not always linked. Your limit to success could be you ability to only play some memorized open chords.

However, if you are more than a basic guitar beginner you already are playing various guitar chords on your guitar fretboard and you already have some understanding of chords and what they mean. If you take a look at open chords for example, we most likely really don’t even know much about them. For example can you play all types of extensions with open chords and understand how to construct these properly on the guitar considering the guitar is different from a piano keyboard therefore all is not as simple as you may have thought? Do you understand how to put these chords together in various ways from a music theory perspective? Now there is much to consider other than looking up some free “chord finder” on the internet or getting some chord book, or some junky chord finding software thrown together to make a quick buck off of your ignorance. By the way our company is the one that made the original chord scale and arpeggio finding software that blew away the junk that is out today and that was for DOS.

Advanced understanding of guitar chords and the musical perspective does not come easily to most guitar players. Part of the problem is what is available on the mass market and the phony internet reviews, dime a dozen sites that make it hard to find quality instruction. And the other part of the problem is your desire to spend more money and time trying to save a buck than just getting something right to begin with. Guitar education with chords is a major study and endeavor, if you begin to treat it with respect than you can get great guitar software and really move forward with your guitar playing ability.

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