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Learning to play Guitar………?

Question by iamtrying: Learning to play Guitar………?
Please answer these questions…….
I am 21yrs old. And a student right now. And I have had absolutely no training in music whatsoever.
By Aug 2007 I’d be working ……..I’m keen to learn guitar, so i got a few questions :
1) Am I starting off too late? I mean most ppl start when they are below 10yrs….
2) Which is the best way to learn playing a guitar?
3) I found out, while surfing, that learning to play the classical guitar firat is better than starting off with an electric guitar. Is that reall the case, if yes, why?
4) How much time do I need to spend if should be able to play any tune that I hear on the radio?


Best answer:

Answer by Rubyee2
Of course you are not too old. I am a retired senior and am slowly learning the chords so I can play my favorite songs and sing them for my own entertainment. Country, of course. Practice a lot. An electric guitar I find is easier to play. I don’t have one but am going to get one. I have an acustic one now.

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