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Metallica – Nothing Else Matters (all guitars cover)

(I have been playing guitar for 1 year when I recorded this cover) Greatest instrumental song from the greatest band… 😉 Recorded with Ibanez ICT-700 Iceman and Line 6 Pocket Pod, also drums from Drumsite 1.3 and bass with some fills from Guitar Pro Pod settings: Amp: Jazz clean Cab:2×12″98Line6…” Drive:48% Bass:56% Mid:17% Treble:78% Presence:100% Reverb:49% Reverb -decay: 75% -tone: 100% -difusion: 100% -density: 100% Reverb=Room Chorus1: -speed:0.60Hz -depth:21% -feedback: -24% -PreDelay: 1% Toogles: Bright on Thx for all comments and rates 😉


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