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my gitar string broke is it worth fixing?

Question by Tarquin sebastian: my gitar string broke is it worth fixing?
heres the deal my mom and dad got me this hunk of junk american fender startocaster for christmas and weve had our second band practice n one of the strings has broke but i dont know if its wrth getting it fixed cos i really wanted a ibanez herman li cos he is my favourite gitarist but they wouldnt spend that much for me to learn on!!!!!!! i facebooked my gitar teacher n he says he will fix it my next lesson but he doenst know ne thing he keeps telling me scales n chords are what i need to learn but my stlye is more dragonforce!!!!!!!! so is it worth getting this crappy gitar repared or just buy a new one cos we should be doing big gigs next month
it has somebodys name like jeff beck on it cos its like my dads favorite gitarist n its a piece of junk cos its white n the herman li gitar looks cool. they got me this amp in the sohp cos they told em its good for my sound it s a randall michel ammot or something like that with a great big spekear thing as well what needs a lead. it it sound rubbish my mate has a beeter sound with his pedal

Best answer:

Answer by natalie
rofl, yeah scales and chords are for fags!

you had your second band practice and you’re doing big gigs next month? man, you must be like the best musicians in the world and you don’t even know scales!

herman li gets a bad wrap, but you shouldn’t consider all the work humans have put into music theory over the years lame.
it costs like a dollar to get a new string…

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