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Q&A: Can I trade my lower quality electric guitar for an acoustic?

Question by Emma: Can I trade my lower quality electric guitar for an acoustic?
I have a Silvertone guitar beginner/starter package that I got a few years back, and I wanted to trade it in or sell it for an acoustic guitar. It’s used, and I’m not looking for top quality, but I was just wondering whether I can get anything out of the Silvertone. I really would prefer an acoustic. Where should I start if I want an even trade?

Best answer:

Answer by Jono
I know you prefer the acoustic but sometimes an electric lying around wouldn’t be a bad thing. Especially since most major guitar stores won’t give you much for you starter package anyway. I would say keep the electric and invest a little time playing at a guitar center or local guitar store in the acoustic room. If you want high quality guitar with value in mind go with a takamine or ibanez. My first acoustic was a PF5 Cent from Ibanez. High quality acoustic guitar with pickup when I needed to be heard by a bigger crowd. The resounence on the body is beautiful and the guitar has bite in the midrange tones and pure high tones. Bass response is deep and fulfilling. Perfect for Jazz, Blues, and Rock. The Ibanez has the guts to go between music styles with excellency.

Really, there are so many nuances that go into the way a guitar sounds and how satisfied you will be with that sound. Honestly if you play with 3-4 guitars in your price range you will know which one you prefer right after you put the last guitar down. Infact there will be a guitar that you will play that you just wont want to stop playing because of how good it sounds to you. That is the guitar you should purchase.

If you want to get a good trade for your electric for money. Sell your starting package to a friend you know well for half of the price you paid for it. If your friend accepts then you will have a better deal then you would if you took it to a guitar store. Then take the money and use it towards an acoustic.

Good Luck and Happy New Years.

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