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Q&A: Cool songs to play on the guitar for beginners + chords help?

chords on guitar for beginners
by Ben Ward

Question by : Cool songs to play on the guitar for beginners + chords help?
I’m trying to learn Taylor Swift’s Speak Now, but the G chord is too uncomfortable for me to play. I think the guitar I’m using is too large, I can’t seam to position my fingers correctly without my hand turning into this weird contortion of discomfort! Any tips on the correct position for my left hand? Or is this normal, and eventually I’ll get used to it?
Also, I learn better if I have an actual song to play. What are some simple modern songs that will be easy for a beginner like me to play? I like Taylor Swift, Sara Bareilles, Christina Grimmie, a Beatles song or two wouldn’t hurt…
Thanks to everyone who’ll help me out!
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Answer by Jos h2o
I’d say keep going for “Speak Now”. If the G chord is giving you problems, practice going from various chords to it.
If it makes you feel uncomfortable, you might not be playing it right, since G is one of the more basic chords.
Thickest-to-thinnest strings:

Index finger on the fifth string(A), middle finger on the sixth(E), and pinky on the first(high-sounding e).

Either way, you will get used to it eventually. The open A major chord used to be almost impossible for me to play. After a while, it got to where it’s not a problem.

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