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Q&A: guitar lessons??

Question by nikkol: guitar lessons??
I have a really old guitar and im going to get it tuned or whatever but i need a simple way to learn how to play.

I honestly dont want to go by books or getting lessons.
what are some easy ways to learn to play, and remember?

Best answer:

Answer by Rachel_S165
There are no “easy” ways to learn to play. If it was truly easy to play guitar, everyone would do it.

Most people who start out to learn guitar expecting it to be easy end up quitting after a few weeks when they realize that its a lot harder than they imagined. It comes as a great disappointment to some people to realize that they’re NOT going to learn the basics in a month and be ready to join a rock band or perform in public in 3 months or whatever……..

It can take years of concentrated practice and careful effort to get really good on guitar. Even if all you want is to learn a handful of chords so you can strum along to songs like “Kum-Ba-Yah” around the summer camp bonfire, it can take months, depending on how much time you’re willing to put into practicing every day.

If you’re serious about learning to play, lessons with a good teacher are the way to go. You need to see how to hold the guitar, position your fretting hand on the neck, strum and pick correctly, etc — otherwise you will most likely develop bad habits that will hold you back later.

You can do a Google search and find instructional DVD’s available for sale, or go on YouTube and do a search for guitar instruction video clips.

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