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Q&A: How can I get a gibson guitar for Dust cheap?

gibson guitar
by eabenes

Issue by Jimmy: How can I get a gibson guitar for Dirt low cost?
I truly obtained to upgrade my guitar rig and want to start with a gibson V or Explorer. I will not wanna get a piece of @$ #% utilised and abused guitar. What is a great location to go (do not response eBay since I’ve experimented with it)

Best response:

Reply by ddrum
You’re just not heading to discover a cheap Gibson, sorry. There are plenty excellent guitars that are less expensive than Gibson even though. They are extremely high-priced. You could get a Gibson Light SG new for $ 699. I acquired a utilized one particular for $ four hundred a number of months in the past. You can get the Faded Flying V for $ 949. American guitars do not really depreciate a lot, if any, so getting employed will only help save you so significantly.

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