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Q&A: How do I learn to play the blues guitar?

blues guitar
by rockheim

Question by : How do I learn to play the blues guitar?
I am a new guitar player and want to learn the basics of the blues guitar.

Best answer:

Answer by Miles Dewar
Start by studying and learning music theory. This, and ear-training, will enable you to analyze the types of Blues songs you want to play. With that, time and hard work, you will be in your way.

Or you could easily get a guitar teacher! They can guide you through things much easier than you can do it alone. Going alone is incredibly frustrating and takes a long time to get “basics” down, even things that people with a teacher would have gotten quickly.

Learning music alone is like learning Mandarin alone. Do you think you have what it takes to learn Mandarin alone?

BTW, The music is called “Blues.” Not “the Blues.”

“The Blues” is to be used in an emotional context, not a musical one.

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