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Q&A: How do I play guitar hero on playstation 2 with out guitar kit?

Issue by Talip: How do I perform guitar hero on playstation two with out guitar kit?
Im making an attempt to play Guitar Hero 5 but sport states, ‘you must plug in a microphone with your controller to proceed.’ What does it suggest ? How can I resolve i?

Ideal reply:

Reply by ..::WarioRocks::..
The controller is normally employed for the particular person with the microphone, but you need to have a guitar hero controller if you want to perform guitar for Guitar Hero online games handed Legends of Rock (three)- you happen to be just likely to have to acquire a single. Sorry 🙁 You can get a wireless one for about $ forty on amazon:
Or you could get the Guitar Hero three guitar bundle utilised for around $ thirty on amazon:
But do not get the Guitar Hero five ps3 controller that is mentioned to be appropriate with ps2. I have a ps2 and ps3, it performs on the ps3 but not the ps2.

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