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Q&A: How much does the Guitar Professional software program price and will it help me understand to play guitar much better?

guitar pro
by Celso Freire, Luthier

Query by redloner2: How much does the Guitar Pro software program value and will it aid me understand to play guitar far better?
I have a musical qualifications and I know how to play guitar, but I want to be a great deal much better. I know a man who stated Guitar Professional genuinely aided him out, but it seems as if it’s solely a tab editing system. Anyone know nearly anything about it?

Greatest answer:

Response by Michael R. Jenwinson
I have guitar Pro 5 which is the most recent edition of that system. It aided me a good deal when i first started and relying on what type of learner you are it will assist you. i can mail you a duplicate of it. My e-mail is on yahoo its justmadethis123. and if you use myspace, my url is

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