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Q&A: What is the best book/dvd for learning (teaching yourself) to play guitar?

learning to play the guitar
by Nesster

Question by reeba202: What is the best book/dvd for learning (teaching yourself) to play guitar?
My husband is a long distance trucker and wants to learn to play guitar in his truck in his spare time. The last time he attempted he was unsuccessful, but we’re hoping it’s because he was just didn’t have the patience in his early teens. Also, do you recommend an accoustic guitar for learning, or an electric? He has an electric but I thought an accoustic would have been better.

Best answer:

Answer by Dee
One place: JAMORAMA. Jamorama is really a great value for it’s low price. We found it to be a pretty good guitar lesson program. It’s not a full outlined course but it does offer enough information for anyone trying to learn the basics of playing the guitar. If you are looking for an affordable guitar lesson package that will get you started in the right direction we think you will be happy with what Jamorama has to offer.

The videos are very helpful and you can’t beat all the free bonus software you get with your purchase. Jamorama also offers an extensive collection of guitar tablature. Although we feel any serious student should try and learn to read music the tablature can really propel your playing quickly as it is very easy to learn and Jamorama teaches you to read and write guitar tablature.

What You Get:
2 e-books:
Jamorama Beginners
Jamorama Advanced
148 video lessons
26 “active” jam tracks, with features to turn guitar track on or off.
1000s of lines of guitar tablature
Numerous audio files

Bonus Software:
Jamorama Metronome
GuitearIt! – Software game for training your ear to identify guitar chords
Jayde Musica Pro – Software game for teaching you how to read music
Guitar Tuner Pro – Guitar tuning software

Bonus E-Books:
How to Tune your Guitar e-book
Advanced Learning Techniques for Guitar
Free email consultation line
Lifetime access to online updates

I recommend acoustic. An acoustic guitar can be less expensive than an electric one and also requires less maintenance, the strings do not need to be changed that often and if you buy nylon strings they will not get rusty.

Second reason to buy an acoustic guitar first is so you can get used to it, and most of the time it is better for your fingers, the strings are softer, or at least they feel softer than an electric guitar strings.

I’d recommend getting an acoustic guitar first, dominate it and get comfortable with it and a few months later you can buy an electric guitar.


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