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Return of PHIL X: Guitar NINJA! 1969 Fender Stratocaster 01264 This super rare ‘custom color’ “Hendrix” Stratocaster is the only factory black maple-cap Strat that we have ever seen. Solid alder body, contoured on the back and lower bass bout and weighing 7.60 lbs. One-piece maple neck with a nut width of just under 1 5/8 inches, a scale length of 25 1/2 inches and a wonderful medium-to-thick neck profile. Super rare maple-cap fretboard with 21 original frets and black dot position markers. Large headstock with decal with Fender logo in black with gold trim, “Stratocaster” in black beside it, “With Synchronized Tremolo” in black beneath it, and two patent numbers in black below that: “PAT. 2741146 3143028.” “Original Contour Body Patented” on the ball end of the headstock. Single ‘butterfly’ string tree with nylon spacer. Fender “F” closed-back tuners with octagonal metal buttons. Four-bolt neckplate with the serial number “280042” between the top two screws. The end of the neck is stamped in green “22 09 018 B” and the underside of the neck is stamped in black “09018”. Three light-gray-bottom single-coil pickups with staggered polepieces and balanced outputs of 7.37k, 7.42k, and 7.31k, respectively. Each of the pickups is stamped on the underside in black “7179”. Four-layer plastic pickguard (white, black, white, plus mother-of-pearl “mother-of-toilet-seat” underneath) with eleven screws. Three controls (one volume, two tone) plus three-way pickup selector switch, all on treble side of pickguard. White

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