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Sting – Fields Of Gold (Simple Rookie Guitar Lesson BS-803)

In this newcomers guitar lesson we’re going to find out to perform Fields Of Gold by Sting, a wonderful ballad from the Ten Summoners Tales album. It is a simplified model but I demonstrate you some other variations you may well like to try out and produce it more than just an straightforward strummer. The Justin Guitar Novices Songbook is made up of one hundred songs especially structured for newcomers and there are ten songs for every stage of the Beginners Course. See the world wide web website for the novice lessons and far more data including entire tune record, sample songs and order specifics. You can also purchase the ebook from your regional audio shop! Nearly 500 lessons on the site now, and none of that sample rubbish and you do not even have to give me your email if you never want!! Hope you dig and many thanks for observing. Make sure you favourite and tell your buddies if you like it. .


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