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The Best Electric Guitar for Beginners

guitar for beginners
by Lyndon Wong

Article by Surya Kumar

The Best Electric Guitar for Beginners – Entertainment – Music

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Apart from a decent guitar teacher or guitar lessons course is a playable and good sounding guitar amplifier has a long way to keep you motivated and enjoy the journey to go.

Here are the seven things you need:

An electric guitar.
A plectrum.
A guitar cable.
A guitar amplifier.
A guitar strap.
A guitar stand.
Guitar lessons
Let us start at the top of the list and our way through.
An electric guitar for beginners:

Here’s the first place I think we all in luck. When I first started playing guitar, way back in 1976 was to avoid a beginner electric guitar worth something. guitar building standards have progressed by leaps and bounds since then.

A rule of thumb for a good beginner electric guitar to guitar companies to look for the big names in the music equipment industry. You have to defend a reputation, and if you guitarists as I know, there’s a good reason, they want to make a good first impression.

It could be cheaper to buy a first electric guitar from a lesser known company, and you may be lucky, but my advice to you is safe. A decent beginner guitar you can take in the future, and even if something to play really expensive to buy later on the road, it’s always good to have a Knockaround guitar you play to enjoy as well.

Just about my perspective I recently purchased one of the cheapest guitar I could find, while visiting family overseas, and with little structure, it is very enjoyable to play, well built and sounds great.

A pick:

The type of pick I would get is a normal V-shaped plectrum. Those who are quite robust nylon and maintains a sudden break from hard strumming. They come in different strengths, so I would go for a medium thickness. I think the .67 mm Guitar Pick by Jim Dunlop nylon to be about right.

A guitar cable:

As a general observation, the better quality cable in general, a standard thickness, and those very last’re used thin plastic on the jack. A better cable always has a removable cover through the bushes, so you can see if the wire disconnected.

The cable is the most abused pice of music equipment that I know of, so buy a quality, even when the electric guitar package that includes buy one. It will break.

A guitar amplifier:

Here the fun begins. Your amplifier is fifty percent of the sound and the selection of only some small practice amp you will sound horrible, no matter how well you play. I recently went looking for a small practice amp to go with my beginner electric.

Just so you understand where I’m from, I’ve hardly ever an amplifier at home, like most of the time I am inspired by the studio and go directly to the console from one processor to different amps.

There are some fundamental problems of the idea of a practice amp. First, a good guitar amp sound much with the way the speaker and the size of the speakers do. The ideal size of the speaker is a 12-inch speaker cabinet.

Practice amps usually with a 6 or 8-inch speaker come. These are tinny sound on the clean sound and buzzy on the overdrive or distortion channel (if they have any).

My advice is here for something that covers the models a few different amps to play different styles, and has a few basic effects, the main reverb to go. guitar amp modeling has been for a while now, and it is the best way to get a small speaker sound was big and fat like a guitar amp.

A Guitar and a guitar stand?

These are just optional extras that you probably want to anyway. Nothing special here about so I just want to be affected are the best. It is also good practice to get up every now and then, cos that’s what you might do.

Guitar lessons:

The way you learn how to play electric guitar is really up to you. What I can help you is to give you some basic advice and tell you of some things that have helped me along the way.

The first thing that helped me was that I became a professional guidance from a teacher at the beginning. Whether you go for private lessons or a DVD guitar course, it is important that you get started on electric guitar with proper technique.

Bad guitar technique at the beginning is very difficult to undo it later.

Another thing that helped me progress much, was that I got involved with other musicians and learned to play in a band. As a beginner, you probably do not feel ready to play guitar with other musicians, so here are two things you can do.

Find a friend who is also learning to play guitar and is perhaps a little further with it, and
Find a guitar course that you are backing tracks, which you can practice. These are so-called jam tracks.

Learn everything you can.
I know this sounds like a tall order, so allow me a little more closely. Although, like an electric guitar with a pick, you probably the most time to play guitar, it’s a good idea to learn a bit of finger picking .

Another thing that many guitarists fail to learn is how to read music. If you are beginning to learn, it is much easier to become a lot sooner, and you are asked, as a guitarist with a lot more options available you later, even if there are people much better than you play on demand.

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Surya Kumar

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Are you looking for more information on Best Electric Guitar for Beginners, Kindly Check out

Use and distribution of this article is subject to our Publisher Guidelines

whereby the original author’s information and copyright must be included.


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