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Things To Play When You Suck – Guitar Lesson

I have confession to make. I have been a bad person, and I haven’t practiced as much as I should have this summer. Everybody knows what happens if one doesn’t practice – the ability drops and eventually you stink. This lesson is for those of you who know what I am talking aout. In “Things to play when you suck!” – I will show you some things that don’t require much practice, in fact some don’t require any practice at all. Also – I know a lot of people play guitar not because their heart beats for music, but because they want to impress girls. Detailed instructions for these people in the video as well! 😉 If you, just like me, prefer learning from videos that aren’t always dead serious, here is another metal rhythm lesson I would like to recommend as well: Now please bombard me with comments! 😀 –Kristofer;-)


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