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What are some easy beginning guitar songs?

beginning guitar songs
by Chris Devers

Question by Charlotte 🙂: What are some easy beginning guitar songs?
i currently am taking a guitar class at my school, but i want some extra practice. also, the songs we are playing (advanced versions…) are mainly just either picking or chording to nursery rhymes and such. i really want to get better and eventually be able to play more advanced GOOD songs.. so i was wondering what some good beginning songs for an acoustic guitar were. i play tabs, so a link is fine.. just good songs basically. i’m into indie rock, folk, the classics (beatles, jimi hendrix..)

Best answer:

Answer by Things We Do Not Speak Of
You really want to get into some good classic rock guitar fundamentals, study David Gilmour’s work. It’s not hard to play, yet you have to know what you’re doing to get the right sound.

He is an amazing player but uses mostly just single chords and fretting. Nothing flashy, yet classic.

Good luck. Don’t rush it. It’s an art you HAVE to take your time at to really master.

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