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What are some really simple guitar songs?

Question by : What are some really simple guitar songs?
I’m just now learning guitar, and I want some tutorials on really simple guitar songs, I know chords D, G, and A really well, and then E, C, and G7. I know the notes on 1st and 2nd strings, but I can learn more- So if there are any easy to learn guitar songs (that actually sound good), let me know!!

(P.s- I’m 14)

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Answer by sophie
Now it would obviously be pretty tough to give the strumming patterns for each song here, so I have just given the chords and you will easily work out the strumming by playing along or if you already know the song!

Easy Guitar Song 1: House of The Rising Sun, as made famous by The Animals. This is a great song, very simple, and a great way to get people singing along. It’s in the simple key of A minor too, so if you feel like it you can throw in some simple Am pentatonic licks and sound really cool! The chords are: Am, C, D, F, Am, E, Am. It’s literally that simple, and to make it really cool you can throw in some easy flamenco style fast strumming!

Easy Guitar Song 2: Sympathy For The Devil, as made famous by The Rolling Stones. This is another great song-all the more cool if you can get someone to do the “oo-oo!” part in the background. Really simple chords, and it sounds great acoustic or electric if you feel like some high gain! The chords are: E, D, A, E all the way through except the chorus which just goes B to E again and again. If you listen to the original you’ll see what I mean.

Easy Guitar Song 3: Freebird, as made famous by Lynyrd Skynrd. An all time great song, and it’s pretty easy to play if you miss out the solo at the end-don’t worry no one will expect you to play it anyway! The song’s in the key of G major, but in true southern rock style if you want to play a solo you can switch between G major and G minor pentatonics you can sound truly cool! The chords for this easy guitar song are as follows: Note-These are the chords for the main verses G, D/F#, Em, F, C, D The chorus just cycles through F, C, and D over and over, and at the end before the solo when it gets fast it’s just G5, A#5, and C5 over and over.

Easy Guitar Song 4: Knockin On Heaven’s Door, as made famous by Bob Dylan, and then Guns N Roses. This is another all time classic song. Great fun to play, and yet really simple. This is another one in G major, although Guns N Roses tune down half a step so their version is in F#. The chords are: G, D, Am7, just cycled over and over again. Easy huh?

Easy Guitar Song 5: For What It’s Worth, as made famous by Buffalo Springfield. This is by far the easiest of the bunch, and a truly great song. It proves you don’t need monster technique or difficult chords to make great music. Excellent lyrics too. In the key of E major. The chords are: E, A, E, A…… and that’s it-simple but brilliant, as all the best ones are!

I hope you enjoyed these easy guitar songs-building up a selection of tunes like this is a great way to get your skills and your confidence up! Enjoy!

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