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What are some Very simple guitar songs ( using no bar chords)?

simple guitar songs
by Ed Yourdon

Problem by CookiemonsterRAWR: What are some Very easy guitar songs ( utilizing no bar chords)?
Okay, so i dont know any songs in any respect so i require so really really easy songs. I have a acustic guitar, and i want to do songs with just open chords, no bar chords. ( ten points! )

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Reply by Joliee
research for songs here:

daniel johnston songs are typically straightforward

she & him songs are basic, and when i had first commenced taking part in guitar, they launched a whole lot of new but effortless chords

patsy cline songs are simple, despite the fact that you may well have to use a lookup web site to find some of her tabs

simon & garfunkel – track of silence

the strokes – tough to make clear

feist – mushaboom
i think it’s just a / strum pattern

When I was a newbie, and I did not want to find out bar chords, I would substitute D for any F notes and B7 or B+ for all B notes.

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