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What are the best Classical guitar songs to learn?

guitar songs to learn
by @giovanni

Question by : What are the best Classical guitar songs to learn?
My playing is quite advanced, I can play Bouree and Air On The G String by J.S Bach, I would like learn more classical songs as I’m more of an electric guitar player but recently bought a classical guitar and only know few songs to play on it.

What are some compositions that are harder than average and regarded as great pieces of music than many people will know?

Also if you mention any rock songs that use classical guitars..

Best answer:

Answer by Stephen
-D. Scarlatti Sonata k.322 id a great piece.
-BWV 1006
-Villa lobos etude 11
-Isaac Albeniz: Asturias
-Scarlatti k.159
-Mateo Albeniz- Sonata in D
-Bach: jesu joy of mans desiring

These are all good pieces. good luck . There are harder peices out there, but these are my favorite.

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