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What guitar song should I play on school concert?

Question by Pelle: What guitar song should I play on school concert?
So, I have a school concert soon and I´m thinking of that I should play a fingerstyle guitar song but the problem is that I really don´t know what song to choose because I want it to fit for teens and for other people.
So ive made a list with a couple of songs:

I¨m Yours (Jason Mraz) Sungha Jung arrangement
Fast Car (Tracy Chapman)
Billie Jean (MJ) Adam Rafferty
Sweet child o mine

Please offer other songs too!

Best answer:

Answer by Question
Why not try…
The Heart of Life–John Mayer (my favorite choice)
Stairway to Heaven—Led Zeplin (may be cliche yet still impressive to play)
If You Could Read My Mind–Gordon Lightfoot (not my favorite singer but a beautiful song)
Landslide–Fleetwood Mac (not the Dixie Chics)

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