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What is it that helps make a guitar less difficult to play than other guitars? And what is it that tends to make it sound great?

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by flip.and.serena

Query by conundrum: What is it that helps make a guitar less difficult to play than other guitars? And what is it that tends to make it sound great?
What are the components that make 1 guitar less difficult to play than yet another? I play guitar and I’ve noticed that some guitars are just less difficult to play. The choose looks to glide by way of the strings far more fluidly and it seems to make a wonderful sound with out much work on some guitars, but on other folks it is tough to strum and it just seems bad. My guitar is like this. I have a Gibson Epiphone and it appears poor and I have difficulty strumming on it. When I play somebody else’s guitar or one more guitar at a songs shop, I can play effortlessy. There are other guitars that sound negative and are tough to play, but it always seems like the one particular that I have is tough to play. Does it have to do with the strings? Does it have to do with how the strings are mounted? I was not long ago enjoying my roommate’s Schecter guitar, and the strings felt so firm, yet it was effortless to play and it sounded great. I took the strings off of mine and set them on his. So the very same strings that had been on my negative sounding guitar, sounded excellent on his.
His guitar was also simpler to play. The exact same specific strings that ended up on mine had been employed, nevertheless his guitar was less complicated for me to play. I should be cursed.

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Answer by Doc
I’ve been playing for decades. As a kid, I worked with guys like Harry Chapin — consult your mother and father or grand mother and father…
There are generally a quantity of good reasons that a guitar is tougher to play an or won’t audio quite excellent. It can be not always the funds. I have an old Aspen H-6 that manufactured a friend’s $ 2000 Guild audio pathetic — Actually torqued him off!
Very first, commence with the action. Are the strings shut to the board on the neck or are they Genuinely higher up? The closer they are, the less difficult it is to move your fingers. This may possibly be as straightforward as the tortion bar needing adjustment, or it may possibly be a cracked physique.
2nd, what type of strings are you using? I’ve usually liked GHS mediums with an unwound G (it will get rid of the “zit-zit-zit” sound when you work the stirngs up and down the fret board. I have in no way cared for gut or nylon strings, they just don’t audio as clean as steel.
Lastly, you did not say if your’s is a hollow body or what… If it really is a semi or a hollow entire body, check out to make certain that it has not gotten cracked. Occasionally when wood gets aged and dries, it tends to crack with the alter of humidity, remember, restricted strings are inclined to place a great deal of strain on the joint in between the physique and the neck. You may also check the keys, I have an previous Gibson Customized GS with horrible keys and decide on-ups. They just could require changing.

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