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What is the easiest song to perform on a guitar?

easiest song to play on guitar
by PeterTea

Query by : What is the least complicated song to perform on a guitar?
On acoustic or electric, in your impression or knowledge, what is the least complicated song to perform on guitar? I want super straightforward. I already know how to play alot but I’m educating some men and women some stuff and I want an really effortless song to perform

Very best answer:

Solution by Audaciously Sexy W.
Judas priest-breaking the law least complicated song, rockin and fun
scorpions-big city nights, the rhythm
megadeth-shadow of deth, perspiring bullets rhythm
metallica in basic have some effortless rhythm and some simple solos ex, one particular, and justice for all, welcome house sanitarium, master of puppets will get your proper choosing hand rapidly…

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