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What should i do? i need help?

Question by dice_2k23: What should i do? i need help?
Okay im 15 years old and im dumb im at a private school and there is always a ton of homework to do. i have to be in bed by 10:30 and practice guitar 1hour everyday but there is not enough time with all the homework. if i don’t practice guitar i get kicked out of guitar lessons but i don’t want to fail at school because i can’t do the homework. i already have 2 tutors to help me and i still haven’t done any guitar practice this week

Best answer:

Answer by Coury
Write yourself a time schedule of how much time you can dedicate to each subject. For every hour or so of homework, give yourself a half hour of guitar. You can make it work if you really focus on getting in done rather than stressing about it.

Multi-task. Eat while you do your homework? You can do it.

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