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What simple guitar chords can i use in metal besides 5th chords?

Question by ITS THE TRUTH!: What simple guitar chords can i use in metal besides 5th chords?
kinda getting tired of 5thchords (power chords) and want to learn new ones…kinda like this guy at 0:22


Best answer:

Answer by Saul
Ahhh, yes, the power dyads. Diads? Whatever. We call ’em the “other” power chords.

These are your basic two note power chords (in the key of D)

—2—-3– –4—5– —6—7– –8—9—
—5—-5– –5—5– —5—5– –5—5—
———— ———– ———– ————

The first one is a Dsus2, D with a suspended 2nd. Not terribly common, admittedly, but I’ve used it in riffs.

The second and third are thirds – Dm and Dmaj, respectively. Expect to learn and use these a fair amount – they’re a good alternative to the power chord and want to make a tonal statement.

The fourth is generally thought of as an inverted power chord with the root on the string above – so a G5/D.

The fifth is a tritone. I’m thinking Slayer. Good times, but very dissonant. The sixth is of course our normal power chord.

The last two can be thought of as the root plus a sixth, or as an inverted chord – so either Dm6 and Dmaj6, or as Bb/D (ie Bbmaj) and Bm/D. The last can be found when playing 12-bar blues, btw.

As far as actually being able to use them in an effective manner…. well, that’s a whole different story.

I just took a few minutes and jammed a quick riff. It’s more rock than metal, but hopefully it can give you an example of how to use chord forms like this in a melodic manner…. I ended up playing these chords staccato – short stabs of chords, if you will, and letting the D5’s ring out, vs palm-muting everything.

D –8-8-8-7— –8-8-8-7– –3-3–2-2– –5-5–2-2–
A –5-5-5-5— –5-5-5-5– –0-0–3-3– –3-3–0-0–
E ————— ————– ————— —————

I find myself using the forms above most commonly. If you know your scales, fit these shapes into the scales and you’ll have a good melodic basis to write your riffs from (since that’s basically what I did here).


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