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What to besides from my first guitar lesson?

Query by fish apple tree: What to except from my 1st guitar lesson?
So I have been enjoying guitar for eight several years and am fairly very good. I play fingerstyle stuff on my classical guitar.

Tonight I am likely in for my initial lesson… Sensation kind of nervous. What really should I expect? What really should I say? I don’t truly know what tracks I want to learn simply because I have been in a songs rut lately

Best answer:

Solution by WebtvDan
How did you choose your instructor? If not thorough you’re going to know more than your new “teacher”.

I would advise demanding two totally free classes from prospective instructors, anticipating to audition a number of just before choosing 1.

Really do not be nervous, you are interviewing the instructor – he/she is undergoing a work job interview!

Request the instructor their specialty. Request a short functionality. Is this something you would like to find out?

You enjoy a classical guitar and hunting for superior lessons. Except if you’re seeking classical guitar classes, it is not likely the instructor will deliver a classical guitar to the 1st lesson. Would be helpful if he/she owned one to instruct you.

Congratulations on getting classes, make certain you choose a excellent teacher.

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