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What kind of harmonica is ideal for playing with a guitar (acoustic)?

Query by Peps: What type of harmonica is ideal for playing with a guitar (acoustic)?
I am seeking to obtain a harmonica as a existing, but I will not know the initial point about them, other than that they rely of pre-tuned reeds. That mentioned, what kind of harmonica is best for actively playing with a guitar (presumably acoustic)?

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Reply by Adam S
any kind is good, I normally advise Hohner Blues Harp, or Hohner Specific twenty. The query you need to have answered is what important do you want.
Harmonicas are diatonic instruments and are based on a essential. A piano or a guitar which are chromatic instruments and can play in any essential, so if you are accompanying a certain song, you buy the harp for the important that the song is in. There are much more issues if you want to play blues fashion or what I get in touch with Neil Young/Bob Dylan kind.

Just so you know, harmonicas have turn into truly pricey not lengthy back, so assume to spend out $ thirty-fifty for a excellent one particular.

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