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What’s the best way to teach myself how to play guitar?

how do i play the guitar
by Chris Devers

Question by Shicky Shicky Shai: What’s the best way to teach myself how to play guitar?
I want to learn how to play guitar but I don’t have the time or money for lessons. I took 10 years of piano lessons, so I know how to read music and that sort of thing. So where do I start?

Best answer:

Answer by John Justice
I’m teaching myself guitar too.

You should first learn simple open chords such as C major, D major, G major, E minor, A minor, etc.

start off slow and since you said you took piano you should have a good sense of rhythm, just practice strumming the chords as whole notes, then half notes, then quarter notes. Take it slowly, it’ll be a while before your body memorizes the chord fingerings.

When you first start playing guitar, your fingers will hurt, but once your fingers develop calluses it will stop hurting.

I’m gonna list some bad habits that you should look up and try not to do;

2.Only downpicking
3. bad strumming technique (its important to do what feels natural but what feels natural could lead to wrist pain later.)
4. bad fretting hand technique (this basically means how your thumb rests on the fretboard, etc.)

some beneficial stuff to look up are;

1. alternative picking
2. economy picking
3. pentatonic scale and blues scale
4. guitar technique lessons (bending, vibrato, slides)
5. guitar tablature and youtube have been great resources for my guitar learning.

Well that should keep you busy for a while.

good luck and don’t give up, sink or swim you can only get better with time.

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