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when do you play guitar chords?

Query by Samantha T: when do you play guitar chords?
i’ve utilised to play the guitar a handful of years ago, up to grade 3. i know how to play the actual chords, but when do you truly strike the chords, is it to a defeat, or to the rhythm? do you play play it to the time signature, or it just when you want. and can you strike it with your thumb, or a select…i am so lost, when i truly should know this.

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Reply by cope123
u can use a select if u want. but usually its just anytime its very greatest in a song like in red scorching chili peppers songs they usually do the chords in the chorus i believe. actually just each and every solitary soudns best and it could be to the rhythm. the time signature has virtually absolutely nothing to do with chords it just tells u how many defeat r in a measure

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