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Exactly where to go for left handed guitars and left handed bass guitars? Part Three – lefty Explorer Bass

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by Jonathan D. Blundell

These days, with far much more and a lot much more main guitar makers ceasing to make their merchandise in left hand as nicely, one might properly inquire the query “wherever do I go for left handed guitars and left-handed bass guitars these days?”

In real fact, there are definite guitar and bass designs that are nicely-liked with guitarists that you cannot get left handed at all. Some have by no means ever before been obtainable in left hand.

Luckily there is one guitar brand name name in the world that makes left handed guitars and left-handed bass guitars only: Gaskell Guitars.

Gaskell Guitars ( is from Australia, and was began by New Zealand-born left-handed guitarist Kevin Gaskell.

Gaskell Guitars has been heading durable formally thinking about that 2006 and has flip into worldwide renowned for left handed guitars and basses, created by a lefty, for lefties only.

Gaskell can make left handed guitars and basses that are or else not obtainable in left hand option by genuine manufacturers. Right here are some examples:

If you are a left-handed bassist and you want to play, for instance, an EXPLORER BASS fashion bass you will be confronted with these hard truths really first up:


a) Gibson, the unique maker of the Explorer guitar and Explorer bass only ever before before manufactured their Explorer bass when, in 1981. They by no means ever before produced it once much more.

b) When the manufactured the Explorer bass, it was only a right-handed style and there had been only 500 or so manufactured in complete.

c) Epiphone Guitars which is Gibson’s non-USA, much more inexpensive brand name name make the identical guitars as USA produced Gibsons but in the Gibson factory in China. Utilizing less pricey components and mass production techniques they can make very outstanding variations of the Gibson originals, and they are manufactured underneath the Epiphone brand name name. Thinking about that the factory started out in 2002, Epiphone have been turning out far much better and far much better instruments all the time. Today’s Epiphones are really outstanding guitars, and outstanding worth for their value stage. Epiphone have produced some Explorer bass guitars but are not creating them now.

d) Epiphone have also by no means created left handed Explorer bass guitars.

e) The really low-cost and nasty instrument makers whose guitars market from about to also do not make this guitar, in either appropriate hand or left hand. The numerous 1000’s of instrument creating factories in China, by no means look to know how or want to do this item.

f)  This is a bass guitar that is pretty considerably impossible to get – time period of time. If one was genuinely eager, a solitary would have to go to a boutique builder and then be prepared to devote 00 and upwards for one.

Gaskell Guitars tends to make a left handed Explorer style BASS guitar!

Gaskell’s edition of the Explorer bass is known as the “X-bass.” (

With the shorter 32″ scale duration and a basswood entire physique, the Gaskell Xbass is an awesome, warm and alive sounding bass guitar for left handed bass gamers only. It shares the same physique dimensions as the Gaskell six string Explorer fashion guitar which is not only a bit scaled-down than the Gibson inspiration but is also far much more rounded. Hence the form is not really the same as a Gibson Explorer guitar.

The Gaskell headstock is a Gaskell style and fashion and is the same style as most of the guitars in the Gaskell variety. Copyright infringement is therefore entirely prevented.

Left-handed guitarists seeking a good high quality, gig prepared, Explorer bass fashion guitar can get one from one place: Gaskell Guitars.

No topic precisely where you dwell in the entire world you can get a Gaskell guitar or bass devoid of also a lot trouble.

I suggest you seem at their web website for a lot much more information. It is worthy of it! You will be shocked!

Left-handed guitars and left-handed basses only. Created by a lefty, for lefties. How significantly far much more much better than that can you get it?

Kevin Gaskell is the enterprise proprietor and designer of Gaskell Guitars which is a manufacturer of left handed guitars and basses, located in Sydney Australia. Gaskell guitars are obtainable world broad.

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