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Why Guitar Strings Break

guitar strings
by Chloester

Numerous occasions, new guitarists purchase a guitar, take it house, and play it for months (or several years), on the unique set of strings. Then one particular day, they are strumming along, and…snap!

Frequently, that first encounter of breaking a guitar string can verge on the traumatic. Like a thing on the guitar by itself has broken and is ruined.

The reality is, strings are meant to break. They have a confined lifespan and beyond that, can grow to be relatively useless in terms of tone.

When a guitar string does break, it can be the end result of a amount of problems including age, gauge, manufacturer, top quality and mechanical troubles.


In the greater part of cases, strings will break simply because they are merely too outdated. They have outlived their usefulness and they pop. 1 way to stay away from this is to alter strings with regular frequency.

A informal player may well adjust strings when a thirty day period, whilst a pro might put on a new set for every single gig.


In theory, you ought to be in a position to put any gauge, or thickness, of strings on any guitar. But the truth is that some gauges of strings are a lot more ideal on a distinct guitar than other folks.

This is simply because each guitar is diverse and exclusive in the way they are place jointly. As a outcome, a guitar may well “really feel” much better with 1 gauge of strings above one more. Some guitars just play better with a set of gentle gauge strings then they do a medium or large set, and discovering the appropriate gauge match for your distinct guitar can lessen the sum of string breakage.


Everyone at some point will get utilised to a certain brand name of string that they become comfortable with. Finding that best manufacturer is largely a make any difference of trial and error for the guitarist – and comes down to individual choice. But it’s also the very same for the guitar.

Your guitar may possibly have its personal “private preference” of string brand, and you will find that, just like string gauge, a single brand of string could previous lengthier and engage in far better than one more.

Top quality

We all want to help save a buck, and often that implies hoping some “off-manufacturer” strings that are sold at a low cost. Fairly frankly, some of these are crap and will break so typically that the hoped for savings stop up costing a lot more in the prolonged run with much more repeated string modifications.

Mechanical Troubles

When strings are breaking on a more than normal basis, it can often be an indicator of a mechanical concern with the guitar by itself.

When this takes place, shell out consideration to “exactly where” on the string the break is transpiring. If the string is persistently breaking at the bridge, then there may be a “burr” on the bridge saddle that is triggering the break.

If it is breaking at the nut of the guitar then that could point out that the nut groove is also tight and is “binding” the string leading to friction.

Either way, an straightforward repair can be carried out by a qualified tech at your regional new music shop.

The major factor to realize about guitar strings is that they are not a everlasting element of the guitar, like the bridge, tailpiece, tuners or nut. Strings are a useable merchandise that has to be renewed from time to time – just like the oil in a car.

So if you are nonetheless playing the unique set of strings that arrived on your guitar, be ready for a break at any minute – but far better nevertheless, go forward and set on a recent set.

Your fingers will thank you, your ears will thank you, and so will your guitar!

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